5 Tips for More Engaging Corporate Gifts

At Gift Better Co., always looking for ways to make corporate gifts more meaningful and memorable. We believe that corporate gifts should be fun, useful, and most importantly engaging. Here are a few ways we...

Beirut Relief Gift Box - Help support Beirut

In early August an explosion occurred at the port in Beirut. This devastating blast in the Lebanese capital has impacted many lives, causing homelessness, injuries, and death.  To support Beirut in this tragic time, we...

3 Reasons Why You Need a Client Gifting Program

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, a client anniversary, or new contract closing, there are many reasons to send a gift as a kind gesture to your clients. Creating a client gifting program for your business...

Creating a Customer Journey Map for Your Business

Are you looking to improve your customer experience? If so, you should consider creating a customer journey map for your business. A customer journey map, as defined by the Nielsen Norman Group, refers to the “visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal”. Creating a customer journey map for your business can not only help you develop a better understanding of your customers, it also helps you improve customer experience by highlighting different areas in your customer journey that need improvement.

Customer Story: Mortgage Agent Julie Sheremeto

As a new business, our customers mean everything to us. Whether positive or negative, it’s crucial for us to get feedback from our customers to understand how we can better serve them. Being able to build out a customer testimonial based on those feedback discussions is an added bonus.