Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process With These 5 Quick Wins

Improve Your Employee Onboarding Experience With These 5 Quick Wins

Whether you’re a veteran of remote work or have recently shifted toward a remote-first work culture, if you’re in charge of onboarding new team members you’ve probably felt the pain of making sure they’re set up for success from day one.  Here are a few quick wins that you can work into your employee onboarding process to ensure that your new teammates feel connected, supported, and excited about their new role from the jump! 

Create a 30-6-90 Day Checklist

Starting a new job can feel overwhelming very fast. Put your new colleagues at ease by creating a 30-60-90 day checklist to give them a roadmap for how to get acclimated. Include a mix of tasks to complete, resources to check out, and people to connect with over the course of their first 3 months so that they understand that there are no expectations for them to know everything in the first week. 

Detailed Process Documentation 

Prior to their start date, think of all of the processes that your new team member will be responsible for. Although they may be clear to you, put yourself in the shoes of somebody who’s stepping into the role for the first time– daunting, right? Create process guides so that your new employee has a clear outline for which steps to take to do their job well. 

Welcome Kit

Nothing says “welcome to the team” like a welcome kit full of treats, some swag, and a meaningful card to get your employees excited about working for your org. If you’d like to make custom employee onboarding gifts a breeze, work with Gift Better Co. to curate, source, and ship your employee onboarding gifts whenever you welcome a new employee. 

Resource Center

Work with existing members of your team to create a resource hub for new employees. This hub should include important process documents as well as blog posts, videos, and other pieces of content that will give them more context about your company, their job, your industry, or any important tools that they’ll be using regularly. 

1:1 Meetings 

Working remotely has certainly added barriers to getting to know your teammates. Bridge the gap between your new employees and existing team by encouraging your team to reach out individually to new hires to get to know them within the first couple of days of onboarding so that they feel connected from the beginning. 

Work with Gift Better Co. to elevate your employee onboarding experience by sending out custom welcome gifts that give back. Connect with us today to get started!

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