The 4 Cs of Customer Touchpoints

The 4 Cs of Customer Touchpoints

For many businesses, staying in touch with customers on a consistent basis is a tricky but important step in improving the customer experience and reducing churn. One way to ensure that you stay top of mind with your most important clients is to implement a customer touchpoint program that details when you contact customers and how. Here are 4 Cs that you’ll want to consider before you map out the program. 


The most important thing to think about when planning your customer touchpoint strategy is the who. Start by having a discussion with your team to identify the key points of contact for each of your customers. Depending on the size of the customer account, there may be multiple contacts on each account. Make sure that you’re considering key decision-makers as well as influencers! 


Next, you’ll want to identify the context under which a customer touchpoint might be appropriate. Some popular events in the customer journey that may call for a special touchpoint include closing a contract, signing a renewal, a customer’s birthday, holidays, or a thank you for a referral. 


Once you’ve determined which events call for a customer touchpoint, it’s time to decide on your approach. Mix up customer touchpoints by alternating between thank you cards, emails, custom gifts, and any other creative ideas that will help you connect with your key contacts. Make sure that you really think through the messaging that accompanies each touchpoint. Be genuine and make it personal to make the most out of your effort. 


After you’ve determined the who, why, and what of your customer touchpoint strategy, you’ll want to decide on your budget for each touchpoint. Take into consideration the potential ROI of each touchpoint when setting a budget, and make sure that you’re taking any potential extra costs like shipping into account. 

If you're hoping to include gifting as part of your customer touchpoint strategy, reach out to to talk to our team about curating beautiful customer touchpoint gifts that give back. 

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