Unique Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

Whether you’re looking to create a better work culture within your organization, increase employee retention, or spark an increase in motivation amongst your team, showing a little appreciation can go a long way. Here are a few unique ways that you can show your employees how much you appreciate them! 

Celebrate your core values

Although most companies have a set of core values, many managers struggle with making sure they’re upheld and lived out in day-to-day business activities. Create a specific channel to call out and celebrate those who exemplify company values. This will give your team an opportunity to feel appreciated for something that’s not tied to performance metrics, and will set an example for the rest of the organization.

PS. If you’re looking for ways to make sure your company is reinforcing their core values, check out our blog post here.

Identify niche “holidays” 

No matter how specific your industry, there is probably a social media holiday that recognizes it in some capacity. Identify and plan to celebrate these holidays to generate a sense of pride for your company and the work that you’re doing. Celebrating these off-peak holidays is a great way to elevate employee engagement throughout the year, instead of just waiting until the typical holiday season.

Make a virtual suggestion box

Making people feel heard is an important aspect of making them feel appreciated. Show your team how much you value their thoughts and ideas by creating a virtual suggestion box where they can pitch ideas or share feedback. You can do this by creating a simple form and sending out the link. Be sure to make being anonymous an option so that employees can feel safe as they share their thoughts. And now for the most important part… address the feedback! Make it a point to acknowledge and address feedback that comes through during team meetings to make anyone who submitted it feel seen and heard. 

Surprise and delight

Giving gifts for birthdays and during the holiday season has become the norm for many companies. Break out of the pattern of predictability by sending out appreciation gifts just because! If you need help finding the perfect employee appreciation gifts for your team, our gifting experts are happy to help you customize a beautiful corporate gift that gives back. 

Make it meaningful for them 

Make your appreciation efforts more meaningful by using them as an opportunity to showcase your company values. Giving gifts that give back, for example, puts your organization’s corporate social responsibility goals at the forefront and shows support for important social causes. You can also choose a gift that supports the values or interests of the recipients to make it more personal. 

Create an Employee Engagement Strategy

Mapping out your employee engagement touchpoints quarter by quarter can help you take the guesswork out of employee engagement. Strengthen connections with your employees year-round by planning a mix of events, gifts, and other initiatives to show employees that they are more to your organization than just their output. 

Our gifting experts specialize in creating corporate gifting strategies with your corporate values in mind. Connect with us today to learn about how you can streamline corporate gifting without losing the personal touch. 

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