Although the shift toward a remote-first work culture was sparked nearly three years ago, employers are still finding it difficult to improve or even maintain the same level of pre-pandemic employee engagement. We’ve spoken before about the importance of being intentional about employee engagement. Below, we have listed three reasons for why you should continue to prioritize employee engagement now more than ever. 

Boosts Productivity

While some people have responded well to their new remote work environment, many employees have noticed a dip in their productivity since being out of the office. Gallup reports that employees who are engaged are 14% more productive. Taking the time to ensure employees are engaged at work can help not only improve productivity, as well as the quality of your employees’ work.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

You likely already know that employee engagement is directly linked to employee satisfaction, but do you know that it impacts customer satisfaction as well? After all, when employees interact with your clients, they represent the company. An employee who is engaged and excited about the company is more likely to invest in creating a great experience for customers, which can boost customer satisfaction and keep them coming back. 

Drives Profits

As we mentioned above, employee engagement can directly impact your company’s productivity levels. When engaged employees are more productive, they positively impact their company’s profits. Gallup's State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report  revealed that companies with engaged employees are 23% more profitable than those with disengaged employees. By focusing on employee engagement, your business could not only have an increase in engaged employees, but profits as well.

Now that you know the positive impact engaged employees can have on your business, you can track employee engagement with these four employee engagement metrics.

If you are looking for a meaningful way to improve employee engagement, showing appreciation is a fantastic way to start. Whether you are looking to celebrate a team milestone or show gratitude "just because," Gift Better Co.'s will work with you to create memorable employee gifts to help you say thank you while shining a spotlight on your values. 

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