Five Low Budget Ideas To Make Employee Wellness A Priority

A happy employee is an engaged employee, and engaged employees are notorious for getting things done. Proactively contributing to the wellness of your team goes a long way in reducing stress, increasing engagement, and ultimately improving performance. Here are a few low-budget ideas for you to consider implementing into your workspace to make life a little more calm for your team. 

Start a fitness challenge

Kicking off a fitness challenge that encourages employees to move more or eat healthier is a great way to get employees thinking more about their health. And who doesn’t love a little healthy competition? Make sure to keep the challenge inclusive so that everybody in your office can participate if they want to. 

Plant an office garden

Gardening is known for being a relaxing and therapeutic practice, and planting a garden near or around your office is a great way to get employees involved in something outside of their daily tasks. Give your team an opportunity to sign up for gardening duties and create a schedule so that the garden is cared for regularly. You may be surprised by all the green thumbs in your office! 

Offer yoga at lunch 

If your office has the space, yoga can be a great activity to offer to employees a couple times a month at lunch hour. Yoga and wellness go hand in hand, and giving your team the opportunity to zen out on their lunch break is a great way to promote relaxation and allow them to destress. Many yogis who are still going through their yoga teacher training offer discounted rates for corporate lessons, and if you work in an office building you may be able to split costs with the other companies in the building. 

Host walking meetings

This, of course, is dependent on the weather, but taking meetings outside is a great way to incorporate extra movement into your life (and the life of your colleagues). Walking meetings are also a great way to destress while getting work done. 

Create a designated break area

Whether your workspace is open concept or consists of many individual offices, giving your employees a space where they can get away from their desks and think about other things promotes a more balanced environment. This doesn’t have to be a full-on cafeteria. Get creative with an underused corner or an empty office to give your employees some space for R&R. 

What kind of employee wellness initiatives are you implementing at work? 

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