Three Elements of an Elevated Corporate Gift


Corporate gifting isn’t a new practice by any means. As with many business practices, it’s become difficult to stand out when sending corporate gifts to clients, prospects, and colleagues. There are countless gifting options available on the market, but many lack personality and personalization, making them easy to forget. At Gift Better Co., we’re passionate about creating memorable gifting experiences for both the gift giver and the receiver. Here are elements that we believe can elevate that experience and create more memorable gifting moments. 

Wow factor

Looks aren’t everything, but they can certainly either heighten or hinder the unboxing experience for any gift recipient. Sending eye-catching or unique items makes the experience more exciting for your recipient, and creates a photo opp associated with your brand. 


In addition to adding to the overall aesthetic appeal to the gift, packaging also gives you an opportunity to make a statement about your company’s values when you send a corporate gift. Is environmental sustainability a focus of your organization? You may want to opt for more eco-friendly packaging. Are you running a specific campaign that has a catchy slogan? Custom tissue paper may be a great way to get your messaging across. 


The holiday season is the go-to time for gifting, but thinking outside the box when it comes to your corporate gifting can go a long way in making both you and your organization stand out. Some organizations beat the winter rush by sending corporate gifts during Thanksgiving. You could take it a step further by choosing unconventional “social media” holidays that align with your recipient, or leverage CRM data and social media to send meaningful gifts on birthdays, work anniversaries, or important life events. 

Overall, sending a standout gift comes down to being more intentional about the message you’re trying to send to the recipient. Being more strategic about your corporate gifting will leave you more time to make a stronger impact with each gift that you send. To learn more about how you can customize your corporate gifts that wow your clients, colleagues, and prospects, reach out to

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