5 Ways To Make Corporate Gifts More Relevant For Millennials

How to Make Corporate Gifts More Relevant For Millennials

Whether you’re looking to engage them, retain them, or push them further down your customer journey, corporate gifting to millennials is different than any generation before them. With a bigger focus on quality over quantity, gift baskets full of dried fruit and cheap chocolate are no longer going to cut it. Read on to learn five ways that you can make corporate gifts more relevant for millennial recipients. 

Make it minimal

Minimalism is a lifestyle trend that millennials have embraced with open arms. From decluttering their homes and keeping only the bare essentials to opting for clothing and products with less logos, millennials have opted for prioritizing quality and function over quantity and flash. Keep this in mind when sending a corporate gift to a millennial. Each item that you send should have a purpose or meaning, and all items should keep the logos to a minimum whenever possible. 

Make it charitable

Although millennials have historically been strapped for cash, a 2014 study showed that they are more likely to participate in philanthropic efforts, either by donating goods or their time. Be mindful of this when choosing gifts for your millennial colleagues, prospects, or customers. Choose gifts that give back to a cause or drive a social action to add a more personal touch and make it that much more memorable. 

Make it share-worthy

Millennials are the original digital natives. Many of them live their lives online and are always looking for a photo op. Choose corporate gifts that are aesthetically pleasing and photogenic. This will not only get your recipient excited but could also get you or your organization a coveted shout out on social! 

Make it eco-friendly 

A 2015 study said that 73% of millennials were willing to spend more on sustainable products. Concern for the environment and drastic climate change has only grown since then, and so has the millennial generation’s preference for more eco-friendly goods. Choosing corporate gifts that encourage a more eco-friendly lifestyle, are wrapped in sustainable packaging, or support environmental causes in some way are opportunities to make your gifts more relevant for millennial recipients (and help the environment). 

Make it align 

Millennials love a consistent brand story. Choose corporate gifts that reflect your organization’s missions, values, or culture so that your recipients can make a clear connection between the gift and your brand. Remember that millennials can easily tell the difference between genuine and fake, so keep things honest and don’t try too hard to appeal to them. 

How does corporate gifting for millennials differ from other generations within your organization?

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