The What, How, and Why of Employee Net Promoter Scores

The employee Net Promoter Score is a powerful and concise tool that allows managers and executives to get a baseline understanding of how engaged their employees are.

eNPS gives business leaders a clear understanding of how employees feel about the company that they work for. This article will explore what an employee Net Promoter Score is, how to calculate your employee Net Promoter Scores, and why eNPS matters.

What is an eNPS? 

Employee Net Promoter Score is based on the Net Promoter Score, a unit of measurement that lets companies know how their customers feel about them. Building on the straightforward simplicity of the NPS, an employee Net Promoter Ccore survey asks your employees a simple question: 

How likely are you to recommend working at [Insert company name here] to friends or family? 

The respondents are asked to rank their response between 1 (not likely) to 10 (very likely). 

How to Calculate Your eNPS Score

Take the survey findings and group respondents into one of three categories based on their answers.

Those who answer 9 or 10 are known as promoters, and those who answer 0-6 are known as detractors. Employees who answer 7 or 8 are neutral, and don't have any impact on your eNPS. 

In order to calculate your eNPS, you deduct the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. 

Why does your eNPS Scores Matter?

eNPS gives you a clearcut benchmark metric to understand how your employees feel about your company. No, it doesn’t paint a full picture of your company’s employee experience, nor should it serve as the only metric that teams should care about in the quest for a more engaged workforce. It is, however, a key employee engagement metric that business leaders should be aware of. 

Because of the simplicity of the eNPS, it’s a quick way for leaders to do a temperature check on their employees. If they notice a consistently strong eNPS, they can continue to build on their current employee experience efforts. However if they notice downward trends, they may need to reassess how they are meeting the expectations of their employees or implement an employee recognition program to show appreciation for their team. 

These are the quick answers to what is an employee Net Promoter Score, how do you calculate your eNPS, and why eNPS matters. If boosting employee engagement metrics like the eNPS is top of mind for you, showing your employees how much you appreciate them could be a step in the right direction. 

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