Virtual Holiday Office Party Ideas

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been tasked with organizing your company’s holiday party this year, and with the uncertainty of social distancing rules changing faster than the climate, it’s likely that you’re leaning toward a virtual holiday party for employees. Well if you’re looking for information on how to throw the perfect virtual holiday office party, look no further! Here are 8 ways that you can wow your team with an engaging end-of-year celebration, all from the comfort of your own home. 

The Great Company-Wide Bake Off

Nothing says holidays like a cookie competition! Send each team member a baking kit and set up a virtual decorating contest with a live vote for first place.

Mix and Mingle

If you know that all team members will be on board, hosting a virtual bar night is a great way to bond from a distance. Many companies offer virtual mixology parties so that you and your team can all craft and enjoy the perfect cocktail. 

Paint the town

Paint night, anyone? Many artists have started hosting virtual paint nights over the course of the pandemic. Hiring someone to guide your team from blank canvas to masterpiece is a fun and interactive way to connect with your team. Our Paint Night Experience Gift takes care of everything from securing the artist to delivering everything your team members need (plus a few treats and keepsakes) directly to their door prior to the big day. 

Pasta making night  

To really elevate the “at-home” vibe of your virtual event, send your team everything they need for the ultimate comfort meal with our “Chef’s Kiss” gift set. Prep your dinner “as a team” as you follow along instructions, then sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Wine / Beer Tasting

Longing for when you can join coworkers for happy hour again? Why not bring the happy hour to you? Companies like Canadian Craft Tours work with you to virtual tours of wineries and breweries around Canada and walk your team through a tasting. 

Game Night 

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? Whether you keep it simple with something like Charades or work together to get out of a virtual escape room, hosting a game night for your virtual office holiday party doubles as a team building experience. 

Christmas Sweater Contest 

This classic holiday party activity is an easy one to bring into a virtual setting. Ask everyone to vote for their favourite (and least favourite) sweaters and award prizes to the two winners!

Candle Making Party 

Set the tone for a cozy celebration by working some candle making into your virtual holiday celebration. Connect with us today to learn about our “Cozy by Candlelight” gift box, which includes a candle making kit and some other essential items for a cozy night in! 

Work with Gift Better Co. to wow everyone at your virtual holiday party. 

Sit back as we bring together all the elements for the perfect virtual celebration. From theme to entertainment to sweet treats and keepsake items, we’ll help you curate the perfect virtual party to celebrate another successful year with your team. 

Our team of gifting experts is excited to help you plan the perfect virtual holiday party! Contact us now to start creating an engaging, entertaining virtual event for you and your team!

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