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Corporate gifting as a business practice isn’t going anywhere. Sending meaningful business gifts to clients, prospects, and employees can be a great way to drive engagement, boost brand loyalty, and make an impression. But corporate gifting can be… complicated. You want to send gifts that your clients will remember, but between the lack of meaningful options on the market and the inherently impersonal act of sending a gift to a person you’ve met only a handful of times, it can be difficult to send a gift you feel good about. 

Here are a few ways that you can make corporate gifting more meaningful, so that you can feel confident knowing the corporate gifts that you send make a lasting impression on the recipient. 

Cut back on the logos 

It’s tempting to send items plastered with your company logo on them, especially to employees and colleagues. At Gift Better Co., we believe in keeping the logos to a minimum to ensure that the recipient can get a ton of use out of the items without feeling like a walking billboard for your company. Remember, you’re looking to send something meaningful, so save the branded swag for trade shows (if you must). 

Get custom

Keep an eye out for ways to show your recipient that you’re a good listener by sending them a gift that speaks specifically to their interests. Did they recently run a marathon? Send them a subscription for a running magazine. Do you happen to know that they love animals? Send them a gift that helps animals in need.

Think quality over quantity

Ordering a bunch of inexpensive gifts is tempting, especially when you have many customers or employees to buy for. But remember that your gift is a reflection of your relationship to the recipient. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it shouldn’t be something cheap or useless either! 

Give back

Research shows that the joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of receiving. Incorporating a charitable element into your gifts not only boosts your own dopamine levels, but gives your recipient another reason to feel good beyond receiving the gift itself. That’s what led to the creation of Gift Better Co. We’re all about extending the act of giving beyond the gift itself. Each of our gifts is tied to a charitable action, so both the gift giver and the receiver can feel great knowing that their gift gave back in some way. 

What are your hacks for giving better corporate gifts? Whether you prefer super-personalized gifts or mass quantities of gifts that you can give out throughout the year, Gift Better Co. is your source for meaningful gifts for all occasions. Reach out to to get in touch with our team!

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