Colleen Sutherland Sun Life Financial Advisor Uses Gifts For Business Growth

One of the most gratifying aspects of running our business is getting the opportunity to connect with clients who truly embrace and align with our company vision. When we think of clients who inspire us to keep doing the work that we do, private financial advisor Colleen Sutherland of DC Foresight Financial Services comes to mind. 

Much like we aim to add more warmth to the corporate gifting space, Colleen is using her bright personality to warm up the financial services industry. She does this by making sure all of her clients know how much they mean to her. 

“Nobody really expects their financial advisor to send them a gift, but we really do value our clients,” says Colleen. “I love being able to do something for them that brightens their day.” 

Passionate about supporting small businesses, Colleen found Gift Better Co. while searching for a local gifting company to show her clients some appreciation. After finding out that our gift boxes also give back to charity, Colleen opted to partner with us for a gifting project to send well-wishes to her clients. Since finding us last summer, she’s collaborated with our team on multiple projects that have sparked awesome feedback from her client base.

“Olivia and the Gift Better Co. Team have hugely impacted our business during the pandemic and beyond.”

In addition to the positive feedback and increased engagement from her clients, Colleen is grateful that we take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to gifting. The inspiration for the gifts is a collaborative effort, then Gift Better Co. takes the lead on sourcing products, assembling gift sets, and distributing them to clients. This gives Colleen more time to stay focused on providing value through her services.

Colleen is certain that the gifts that she’s been sending to clients over the course of the past year have been a “game changer” for her business, increasing both her retention rate and the number of client referrals.

With the pandemic affecting the ways that private financial advisors are able to connect with their clients, these streamlined gifting programs have allowed Colleen to consistently show up for her clients without being there physically.  “You need consistency and a plan and a program to keep showing up for your clients,” says Colleen. Sending out mass gifts is a big process. We have sent hundreds over the last 6 months and the feedback from our clients has been astounding.”

We work with Colleen to curate gifts at a variety of different price points in order to show appreciation for all of her clients. Sourcing from mainly local makers, the gifts that Colleen sends are a great reflection of the small business community here in Ottawa. 

Since beginning to work with us last summer, Colleen has trusted us to curate and send out hundreds of gifts, which have not only added some brightness to her clients’ days, but has also raised money for a cause that is extremely important to her. Each gift that Colleen has purchased has given back to the Kidney Foundation of Canada, a source of support for people with kidney disease and their families, and a leading source of research funding in the field of kidney disease and transplantation.

If you are looking for a stress-free way to nurture relationships with your clients and make an impact in your community, reach out to to chat with one of our gifting experts. 

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