How Communities Have Been Showing Love to Frontline Workers

Earlier this week we talked about companies who have been supporting essential workers by changing their business strategies or donating time and resources to source and create supplies, organize gift drop-offs, and more. It’s only fair that we also highlight community members who are doing their part to show our frontline heroes love too! Read below for a  few examples of Canadians coming together to show their appreciation for all kinds of frontline workers. 


Take a look in nearly any neighbourhood across Canada and you’ll probably see a sign showing appreciation for the frontline workers who have been working to keep their communities safe throughout the pandemic. Although many of the signs are homemade, many can actually be purchased, with a portion of proceeds often going toward charitable causes. 

Honks for healthcare

If your windows are open at a certain time of day (and sometimes even if they aren’t) you may hear a barrage of horns going off in the distance. Don’t be scared! That’s just community residents honking to show support of the frontline workers in their area. This show of support is popular in cities all over the world! 


Monetary donations have been a very popular way that communities have been supporting frontline heroes. One shining example of this is the Hearts and Smiles campaign run by Rogers Sports & Media, in which Canadians helped raise over $1 million for The Frontline Fund. The Frontline Fund is a national coalition that supports over 150 hospital foundations across Canada. Funds go toward providing PPE and supplies to healthcare workers among other COVID-related causes. 

Gifts & Cards

Many have been sending more personal tokens of gratitude to frontline workers that they know in an effort to lift their spirits. With companies like Hallmark offering free cards that show gratitude for essential workers and gifts like our Frontline Worker Appreciation gift available across the country, droves of Canadians have been sharing meaningful messages with the people who have been working to keep our country as healthy as possible. 

Have you been going out of your way to show support for essential workers in your community? Let us know how in the comments! 

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