Gift Better Co.: Partnering with Youth Service Bureau of Ottawa to Empower At-Risk Youth

Join us in this new blog series as we highlight some of the charities we partner with and the amazing work they do! First up, we want to celebrate the Youth Services Bureau (YSB) of Ottawa, a non-profit supporting and serving at-risk youth and their families. Let’s explore some of the incredible services they offer to help young people reach their full potential.

Mental Health: Nurturing Well-being and Resilience

Mental well-being is the foundation of personal growth and success. At YSB, their team of professionals offer youth a variety of mental health services including counselling, therapy, and crisis intervention. YSB provides youth with a safe place to express themselves, develop coping skills, and build resilience. Their crisis line is open 24/7, ensuring that no matter the time, youth in need can speak with a compassionate professional for guidance and support.

Education and Employment: Unlocking Opportunities for Success

Access to education and employment opportunities is key to setting youth up for success. YSB is committed to helping young people thrive in these areas through skill-building programs, career counselling, job placement services, and educational support. Their employment services have a 79% success rate in helping young people access services and find work. By equipping youth with the necessary tools and support, YSB empowers them to unlock their full potential and seize opportunities.

Housing and Health: Ensuring Safe and Stable Accommodations

YSB believes that no young person should have to face homelessness, especially not alone. Through its shelters, housing buildings and Youth Drop-In Centre, YSB provides youth with access to its safe and secure accommodations, working towards ensuring that every young person has a place to call home. Each year, YSB helps over 1,200 youth gain access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and safety. By addressing housing insecurities, YSB creates a foundation of stability, enabling youth to focus on their personal growth and future aspirations.

Youth Justice: Guiding Towards Positive Change

YSB provides dedicated programs that are in place to guide individuals towards positive change. YSB emphasizes rehabilitation and provides the support needed to break the cycle of involvement in the justice system. By addressing the underlying issues and offering necessary resources, YSB empowers young individuals to make positive choices and overcome challenges. Through this approach, YSB contributes to creating a more inclusive and supportive community.

Gift Better Co. Supporting YSB's Mental Health Crisis Line

YSB is doing powerful work in our community, supporting, empowering, and uplifting the next generation of change-makers. We are so honoured to be able to contribute to the awesome work that they do. As part of our commitment to making an impact through gifting, our clients have an opportunity to dedicate a portion of the proceeds from their gifting project to YSB's 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line. This vital resource ensures that young people in need have access to immediate support and guidance whenever they require it.

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