Five Tips For More Engaging Corporate Gifts

At Gift Better Co., we are always looking for ways to make corporate gifts more meaningful and memorable. We believe that corporate gifts should be fun, useful, and most importantly engaging. Here are a few ways we believe you can make corporate gifts more engaging and enjoyable for your recipients. 

Share Your Workplace Culture

Sending a client a gift that conveys part of your organization’s culture is a great way to tell them what you’re about. No, this doesn’t mean slapping a logo on every item you send. Does your company have a strong motto or mission statement? Think of ways that you can incorporate that messaging into your gift so that you can subtly share a piece of your brand with your recipient.

Add a Touch of Home 

Tell the story of your hometown by purchasing items from local makers. Choosing locally-made gifts can help make client gifts more engaging by giving recipients some insight into your company roots. 

Be Inclusive

Being aware of the diversity of your recipients is crucial to making a gift impactful. Choose gifts that are culturally appropriate and gender-neutral (if curating gifts for large groups), and don’t go too far into a specific niche in order to avoid isolating anybody on your list.  

Be Thoughtful 

Sending a gift is a thoughtful act in and of itself, but you can take it to another level by incorporating a more personal touch. Consider partnering with a charity to add a give-back element to your gifting campaign, or include a hand-written note with a personal message of appreciation for each recipient on your list. 

Have a Theme

Building your gifts around a specific theme is a great way to get recipients excited and engaged. Whether you base the gift on a specific occasion (holidays or an industry niche) or use it to address certain circumstances (think back-to-school boxes for teachers at the beginning of the year), sticking to a specific aesthetic or theme is a great way to stir up excitement and make your gift more cohesive. 

Do you need help curating custom gifts that engage and excite your clients? Reach out to to work with us on your next corporate gifting project!

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