This Meeting Could Have Been An Email


  • Grosche stovetop espresso maker:  A classic Italian stovetop espresso maker made from durable aluminum in matte black. The GROSCHE Milano Aluminum Stovetop Espresso makers are non-electric moka espresso makers, and are designed to work with all stove tops except induction.

  • Espresso blend (340g): Comprised of single origin coffees from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, this well-balanced coffee serves as a beautiful espresso to be enjoyed on its own or accompanied with steamed milk (or plant based milk alternative) for a rich, creamy beverage. Made by Brown Bag Coffee Roasters, a family-owned business based in Gatineau, Quebec.

  • "This Meeting Could Have Been an Email" mug: Subtly push for asynchronous communication by sipping from this statement mug. 

Provide essential technology to those in need.

Each gift makes a donation to Let's Get Together, a non-profit dedicated to providing essential technology to underserved communities.

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