Coffee Lover



A gift designed with a coffee lover in mind. Wake up to a house smelling like a small cafe on the street corner of Rome. Brew freshly roasted, rich espresso in a high-end classic Italian stove top espresso maker. Satisfy a sweet tooth by breaking off a piece of the premium artisan 60.1% dark chocolate infused with a rich espresso taste. The perfect pairing for quick morning pick-me-up. 


Give coffee and food to vulnerable groups. 

Each purchase of our Coffee Lover box goes toward providing food and coffee to underprivileged community members at Second Chance Cafe

The Second Chance Cafe is a non profit charitable organization that has been providing vulnerable populations in Montreal, Quebec, with food, coffee, and guidance since 2000.

What’s Included
  • 340g bag of North Brew Espresso. // The intense and daring character of organic espresso beans adds vibrancy to any morning. // Roasted in Ottawa, ON.
  • Grosche Stove Top Espresso Maker. // A classic Italian stove top espresso maker made from durable aluminium.
  • Handmade Espresso Brittle // Enriched with fresh espresso beans, this Espresso Brittle will give you a kick of energy encased in the sweet crunch of brittle, for the perfect bitter sweet symphony. // Handmade with love in Alberta, Canada. 
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