Gift Better Co. is a corporate gifting service that marries corporate social responsibility and gifting to empower businesses to foster more meaningful relationships while fueling social impact at scale. 

Co-founders Vanessa Griffiths and Olivia Villalta started Gift Better Co. with the goal of making corporate gifting more meaningful. Both women saw the need for a better corporate gifting service after spending years in various corporate roles where they often found themselves on both the giving and receiving end of forgettable corporate gifts that got tossed into a junk drawer. Recognizing the growing expectations for organizations to take a more proactive approach to social change, they began to curate a selection of gifts and tie each of them to a social action, creating a warm and memorable gifting experience for both the recipient and the sender.  Gift Better Co. strives to curate premium gift boxes filled with high quality, often locally sourced items. We work with our clients to create custom gifting projects that align with their brand, the theme for their event, or any other inspiration they have in mind.  Above all, we’re dedicated to empowering our clients to make connections with their clients, prospects, and colleagues while making a positive social impact on their community.





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