For well over a year now many companies have been hosting virtual events, seminars, and workshops, making it tougher than ever to captivate employees and audiences. The excitement for planned activities subsides on Zoom or Google Hangouts, so many event planners are leveraging gifts to bring a more personal experience to virtual events. Read on for ways that you can use gifts to enhance the experience of your next virtual event for all who attend.

Tie it back to your brand

When holding virtual retreats and events, consider sending gifts that link to your company’s values and mission statement. This gives your audience insight into who you are as a company and what you stand for. Not only will this make them feel more connected, but it will allow them to get to know your brand better

Make a theme

Following a theme for your gift is a great way to create a shared experience for event attendees. For larger events and conferences, try to curate a gift that speaks to the event title or slogan. For example, let’s say a recurring theme in your event refers to a metaphor of building a team like a jigsaw puzzle, and every team member needs to fit in the right spot. In this instance, consider including a jigsaw puzzle within your experience gift.

You can also create a themed gift that aligns with your branding. Matching items in your gift boxes with your brand or theme colours tastefully asserts your brand presence and creates a sense of cohesiveness. 

Keep it exciting 

A definite way to keep virtual retreats and company events online more exciting is including fun games. It could include games that can be played virtually as a group,  allowing coworkers to get to know each other from the comfort of home. Playing a game can foster connections and engagement with employees, while also being a great icebreaker activity!

Interested in bringing some life to your next virtual company event? Reach out to us at to curate experience gifts that your team will enjoy.

Author: Julia Yap

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