How to Give Back Without Spending Money

When it comes to giving back, you might instantly think of donating money to charities. Although there are ways you can give back that do not involve spending any money. Below we have listed a few ideas of how you can help your community without breaking the bank.

Volunteer at a Nonprofit Organization

Instead of donating your money, donate your time. There are plenty of ways you can volunteer, including helping out at a local animal shelter, a soup kitchen or a food bank. You can even volunteer from your house with remote volunteering positions. For more information on current volunteer opportunities, check out the Volunteer Ottawa website.


Another way you can help your community (without cost) is by participating in a fundraising event. You can even go one step further and host your own fundraising event. Although COVID-19 may make it more difficult for you to host your own in-person fundraising event, there are many different virtual fundraising ideas that you can try. For instance, hosting a virtual run, gala, movie night, or an auction. It can even be as simple as starting a fundraiser on your social media platforms. If you are interested in participating in/or hosting a fundraising event, check out the Fundraise page on the CanadaHelps website. 

Share Your Skills

You may have considered donating your clothes, books, or even your blood, but have you ever considered donating your skills? There are a variety of skills that can be used to help others, such as writing or sewing skills. If you have skills that you are interested in sharing, consider offering free (and virtual) classes to people who would benefit from using these skills.

As you can see, even with no money, you can have a big impact on your community. Do you have any interesting ideas or stories about giving back? Share them below! 

Author: Chloe Barclay-Illing

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