Employer's Guide to Office Gift Giving

Office gift-giving isn’t mandatory, but giving small, meaningful gifts is an excellent way to ensure your team knows they’re appreciated. If you’re looking for tips on how to say thank you to your team, whether during the holiday season or a special occasion, then look no further! 

Set A Price Limit

When giving gifts to your employees, make sure to have a clear price range and stick to it. Check with your HR department to determine whether or not there is a spending cap or any special rules around gifting to employees. You’ll also want to make sure that you account for extra costs such as shipping when creating your gifting budget!  

Prioritize The Gifts You Plan to Give

Depending on budget constraints, you may not be able to give to everybody in the office, and that’s ok! We suggest starting with your immediate team and then working your way outward. Alternatively, you can work with other department heads to see if you can pool your budgets to give something for everyone from the entire executive team. 

Keep it Professional

Adding a personal touch is thoughtful, but try not to be too personal. Giving a unique gift to select employees might offend others, making them feel left out. Opt for gifts around general interests, no gag gifts or anything that could be risky. Curating a custom gift that ties to your company’s core values or relates to a specific goal that your team has been striving toward is a great way to keep gifts neutral and professional.  

Corporate Gifts Should Be Inclusive 

Taking into account the diversity of your team is crucial when it comes to giving gifts. It is important to take into consideration different religions, lifestyle choices, food preferences, and family sizes that may impact someone’s ability to enjoy a gift. If you’d like help creating gifts that your entire team will love, reach out to our gifting experts at hello@giftbetter.co to get started.  

No matter your budget, we can help you curate beautiful corporate gifts that will make your employees feel appreciated. Contact us at hello@giftbetter.co to start creating the perfect employee holiday gifts today!

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