Administrative Professionals' Day Gift Ideas

April 22nd, 2020, is Administrative Professionals’ Day, and there’s truly no better time to show appreciation for the glue that likely holds your professional life together. We’ve rounded up 5 thoughtful Administrative Professionals’ Day gift ideas so you can celebrate the administrative pro on your team. All of these gift ideas are taking current social distancing protocols into account, so your administrative professional can enjoy their gifts safely from home. 


If there are multiple administrative professionals on your team, show them how much you care by treating them all to lunch. Take their orders a week before and schedule deliveries via a service like UberEats, and give them a longer lunch to enjoy their meal. To make them feel extra special, schedule a Zoom call with all of the administrative professionals on your team and give them a special thank you for their awesome service. 


If you’ve got a coffee lover on your team, buy them something to up their caffeine game. Shop online for a personalized mug, a new gadget, or send our Coffee Lover box to their home to elevate their espressos.

Time Off

Nothing says “you’re the best” quite like giving them some time back. If it’s within your power, give the administrative professional a morning or afternoon off to do whatever they want. You’ll show your appreciation, and your team members will definitely be thankful for some time to themselves. 


Spas and massage services aren’t an option right now, but there are many ways that you can send the spa experience to them. Our Rest and Relaxation gift box comes with everything one needs for a relaxing night in. Plus the gift gives back to charity, which always adds a meaningful touch! 

Desk Upgrade

Now that working from home is the new normal, ask your administrative professionals if there is anything that you can do to make their remote workspace more comfortable. This gift is extremely scalable based on your budget, and can range from a new monitor to a desktop diffuser. 

Administrative Professionals’ Day is less about the gifts and more about showing appreciation for the admin professionals that work so hard to keep things running smoothly. No matter what gift you decide to go with, make sure it’s paired with a heartfelt message from you and your team to let them know how much they mean to you! 

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