4 Tips That Can Help You Gain Referrals

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4 Tips That Can Help You Gain Referrals

Whether it is a small flower shop or large consulting company, referrals are important to every business. In fact, according to a Nielsen 2013 global survey, recommendations from people they know was deemed the most trustworthy form of advertising by survey respondents. Knowing how important referrals are to your business, we have listed four tips that you can use to get existing clients to help you gain new clients.

Create a Reward Program

Encourage your clients to refer friends and family with the help of a reward program. Offering this program enables clients to be rewarded for their referrals. There are a variety of rewards that you could offer for a client’s referrals, including discounts, free products, or access to special services.

Offer Alternative Methods

Certain clients might not want to give referrals. In this case, you can ask for a referral alternative. Case studies, testimonials and reviews are a couple referral alternatives that you should consider asking for from your clients if they do not want to give referrals. 

Create a Referral Template

Another tip for gaining referrals is to create a template for clients to easily fill out when they want to promote your business to someone else. Having a referral template encourages your busy clients to give referrals since they do not have to do the work of drafting a referral from scratch. 

Send Gifts and Thank You Cards

Sending a thank you card or gift to your clients that have referred someone is a great way to show your appreciation. This will also prompt your clients to keep the referrals coming. If you are interested in sending customized gifts to your clients (or prospects), reach out to custom@giftbetter.co for more details.

Do you have any other tips for gaining referrals that you would like to share? If so, share below!

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